Take Action Against Changes Negatively Impacting Educational, Training and Ethical Requirements for Pennsylvania’s Valuation Experts

How Can You Help?

Not only does the CPREA need your financial support, but we also need your help in contacting your members of the legislature and letting them know that you oppose any legislation supporting the reduction of training, education and ethical requirements for Pennsylvania’s recognized valuation experts. They need to understand how allowing individuals who clearly do not meet the state’s own requirements for its valuation experts, could harm their constituents. You can identify your members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the Pennsylvania Senate on the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s website.


The campaign to fight SB869 during the 2013-14 legislative session was extremely costly. The fact is, PAR plans to reintroduce a bill similar to, if not exactly like, SB869, during the current 2015-16 legislative session.

With the new fight ahead, and the expectation of other bills being introduced in this session that will also require our attention, the need for funding has never been greater. Since 2012, the CPREA received donations from the five Appraisal Institute chapters in PA, with assists from the Appraisal Institute in Chicago, a number of individual appraisers and one NAIFA Chapter.

It is important for every Pennsylvania appraiser to understand that this fight is not the responsibility of national appraisal organizations nor is it ONLY the fight of those appraisers affiliated with them: this is a grassroots, every-hometown-in-Pennsylvania fight, one that requires action by EACH INDIVIDUAL APPRAISER, whether you are in an office with multiple appraisers or working from your home! The time is now and the choice is yours! PAR continues to count on appraisers remaining unorganized and not unifying for a common goal. Let’s disappoint them! THE CPREA WAS FORMED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR APPRAISERS – TO GIVE APPRAISERS A STRONG, UNIFIED VOICE – NOW THAT WE HAVE IT, LET’S USE IT! Click here to Donate. Donate.

Other Ways to Get Involved