Welcome to CPREA

The Coalition of Pennsylvania Real Estate Appraisers was formed in late 2012 by all five Pennsylvania Chapters of the Appraisal Institute and other interested appraisal professionals to be the Voice of Responsible Real Estate Valuation in Pennsylvania. The CPREA grew as a response to a push by the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® (PAR) to enact legislation that would permit salespersons and brokers to provide valuation services. The chapters realized they did not have a system in place to provide a timely response to legislation which affects the industry and the public trust, and the CPREA was formed to provide this conduit.

We encouraged other stakeholders to join our ranks, and we can proudly state that many, including multiple chapters of several national appraisal organizations, have joined with us to have a voice in the Pennsylvania legislative arena. As a result, the fight against SB 869, introduced on April 18, 2013, which allows sales agents and brokers to provide valuation services, gains momentum every day. Our hope is to continue with the organization in order to have a mechanism in place to respond to legislation which affects the industry and public trust. Please browse our website, and ask any questions you may have about the CPREA or SB 869.